The War Heralds Of Shadowbane

Throughout the end of 2002, The Syndicate participated heavily in the Shadowbane Beta. They were no stranger to sieging cities and guild warfare. Afterall, that is what Shadowbane is all about. Wandering the land were Heralds who would keep war journals of sieges. For example they were there when The Syndicate crushed Nevah, major city of the Purity Council in a build during late November. They were there when the capital city of Haven fell to Syndicate (called Arx or Arx Draconis in the beta), LT and other forces. Since the NDA was still in place, only limited information was released publically on various battles but here is one such article from the SB site:

Herald of War: Shadows of an Empire, Part IV
Monday, Dec 09, 2002

The Shadows of an Empire series continues with Part four: Fragments of a Shattered Crown. The battle for Tyrranth was in full swing as new nations came into power and struggled for control alongside, and sometimes against, the great empires of old. Regional conflicts became global, as the continents of Tyrranth became a chess board for supremacy.

The war between the Purity Council and Nex raged in the center of Tyrranth, the Covenant of Swords alliance and the Burning Legion continued their eternal war in the north, and the new nation of Arx Draconis set its hungry eyes on the eastern side of Tyrranth. The military and political wings of many nations were set in motion, and several kings and kingdoms would fall in this evolving and deadly game of thrones.

"While the CoS was celebrating the construction of Northwood, other nations were busy elsewhere on Tyrranth. The Purity Council was continuing their war against Nex, and they built a town named Kazad Nevah near the city of Enjou and Vitualis. In reaction to the building of Kazad Nevah, the Vengeance Agenda guild placed the city of Inferno nearby and used it as a staging ground to send out war parties.

The city of Vitualis (a subguild of Arx) also allowed its lands to be used as a staging area for other Arx Draconis war parties, and many battles raged around Kazad Nevah between the groups. The battles in the southeastern section of Tyrranth got the attention of several nations, and they committed troops to the battles but left other portions of their lands unsecured. On one occasion, Arx Draconis attacked and captured Kazad while the LT and Arx attacked Haven, the Purity Council's capital city."

Here is a map of how the world looked then. You can see the Arx (Syndicate) nation in the lower right. The Blue & Grey Shields are ours.

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